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Whether you’re B2B or B2C, a startup or an established company, your growth in any consumer sector depends on your ability to understand, interpret and apply consumer behavior data. The Young Group’s Trend Watch™ 2023 covers 4 macro consumer influences. Leveraging these 4 movements is critical to connect to today’s savvy, demanding, sophisticated shopper.  


Learn how The Young Group can help: Spend 30 minutes on a complimentary Zoom chat and learn how our customized approach to translating trends works for you. You’ll receive our Trend Watch™ Snapshot which identifies these 4 consumer influences for 2023.


Book your Trend Watch™ session now. During the 4 hours, you’ll be presented with a customized action plan to enhance your understanding of your client and ultimately the end consumer. We share our insights and you get specific, relevant, actionable tools to grow your brand, build revenue and ensure your company connects with this consumer.  


Need a deeper dive and more support? The Young Group will help you build a strategy around these Trends in every facet of your organization: storytelling and communication, brand building, product development, sales, R&D…everyone needs these tools for relevance, growth and reaching your consumer. 

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